Jessica Olinger, a Brasilian-born multidisciplinary visual artist based in Chicago, is celebrated for her vibrant and imaginative creations. Her artworks explore a colorful and whimsical realm, taking shape as tangible expressions of personal experiences and emotions. Featuring expressive characters and a rich palette, her pieces emphasize a playful and ethereal quality, encouraging reflective and meditative engagement with the art.

Nature stands as a prominent thematic element in Jessica's work, as she communicates a profound belief in it’s therapeutic qualities. Utilizing its imagery, she creates a refuge where viewers can immerse themselves in the calming embrace of the natural world.

As a first-generation immigrant, Jessica’s formative years were shaped by the intertwinement of two cultures, both her home country's and the one in which she was raised. This unique perspective, characterized by a sense of not fully belonging to either, serves as a significant motivation for Jessica’s art practice. It inspires her to use her art as a means to construct and express her own world. Through her creative lens, Jessica not only captures the essence of her own journey but also establishes a resonant space for others to discover echoes of their own stories.

Unconstrained by a singular medium, Jessica freely creates through murals, illustrations, paintings, installations, sculptures, and more.